If you want to create your own IPTV business you must need to have the following things:
  • IPTV Panel / Middleware (Like Xtream UI or XUI.one)
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Streams/Sources/VOD (Content)
  • Website for your services
  • Billing System (Better when you use automated systems)
  • Branded Android App for your end users
  • Web TV Player (included in XUI.one)

Here are our Recommendations for your Successful Start:​

IPTV Panel
  • Xtream UI
  • Xtream UI CK Mod
  • XUI.one Panel
Dedicated Servers
  • [Partner] IPTVNOW Restream
  • Other sources from the internet (be very careful, there are many scammers which are sending you trials from other providers and after the payment you have nothing)

Website (Frontend)
  • You can create your own website
  • [Partner] Order a Prebuilt Website for your IPTV Business
    • Your Logo
    • Your Brand Name
    • Pricing Tables and much more..
    • Demo: https://demolinkhere.com
    • It’s very easy to customize with admin panel
Billing System for your IPTV Panel

The billing system with automation add-on is a fully automated system that allows you to sell your IPTV services automatically and manage their services as well. It's connected to your Xtream UI/XUI Panel for real-time synchronization.
  • [Partner] Billing System WHMCS for Xtream UI
  • [Partner] Billing System WHMCS for XUI
Branded Android App
  • [Partner] Smarters App Rebranded
    • Your Logo
    • Your Brand Name
    • Hardcoded URL of your DNS